FairyLoot April 2022 YA Box Unboxing | Bookish Review

Hey, friends. It’s that time of the month again. Another month, another Fairyloot box review.

FairyLoot’s theme for April 2022 is BITTERSWEET!

Here’s what they say about what this month’s box features:

“Happiness and sadness, love and betrayal, all must come to a bittersweet end. You might have been victorious… but at what cost?

You can expect items inspired by The Night Circus, Strange The Dreamer, Addie LaRue and there will also be a fandom neutral item. We are thrilled to reveal this box will have TWO BOOKS and an item we have never featured before! The second book in the box is a paperback edition of a Romeo & Juliet retelling with an exclusive cover, sprayed edges and a digital signature.”

Our featured book of the month is inspired by Yoruba-Nigerian mythology and follows a girl’s journey of magic, injustice, power and revenge. The twists and turns had us sitting on the edge of our seat!

The gorgeous theme art was made by @taratjah and text by @blanca.design

Night Circus Tray

I love a mini tray because they are not only useful but make a lovely display piece as well. This month’s tray features a quote from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Design by @ stellabookishart

Heart Fairy Lights

I was so excited that Fairyloot decided to include some fairy-lights in this months box because who doesn’t love fairy-lights to decorate our bookshelves or to use on #bookstagram. However after opening the package, the lights don’t really look like hearts nor are they particularly heart shaped lol.

Design by Team FairyLoot

Dreamer Pin

If you have seen my previous FairyLoot unboxing, you would know that I am not really the biggest fan of pins because I’m not really a collector of pins, nor do I use enamel pins. That being said, this pin design is really beautiful.

Design by @ Jezhawk

Constellation Canvas Basket

This is my favourite item in the box! I’ve been meaning to get myself one of these fabric little baskets not only to store my next reads/monthly tbr books but also to take those really cute, aesthetic pictures too post on bookstagram. So, so happy with this item.

Design by @ Blanca_Design

An Arrow To The Moon by Emily X. R Pan

We get a paperback book included in this month’s box, which is always a treat. I have not heard of this book but it does sound like something I might enjoy. This is a FairyLoot exclusive edition with an exclusive cover, sprayed edges and includes a digital signature by the author.

Tarot cards of the Month: Chang’e and Liwei, from Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan.

The Book of the Month: Blood Scion by Deborah Falaye.

This stunning FairyLoot exclusive edition features an exclusive cover, sprayed edges, Artwork on the reverse cover sleeve by @lgions, Art wrapped around the hardcover, and custom endpapers. This book also came signed by the author, and included a letter from the writer as well.

Final thoughts on this month’s box: 

  • This was an alright box. A mix of items I would actually use, as well as items I probably won’t use (*ehem* the enamel pin *ehem*)
  • I wasn’t too impressed with the customisations of the Book of The Month. The naked hardcover is really pretty underneath the jacket, but I really was a bit disappointed with the sprayed edges— especially considering how stunning the previous month’s exclusive editions have been.
  • Favourite item: The Constellation Canvas Basket! So excited to use this!

FairyLoot February Box: 7/10

What are you favourite things to receive in book boxes

Let me know in the comments below!

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