Romance Tropes pt. 2 | Book Recommendations

Happy Tuesday, friends! I am back with another Book Recommendations blog post– but this time with a twist! In this blog post, I will recommending books solely based on the tropes they have in them. These days you can find people recommending books based on whatever popular book trope is trending on social media– usually on Tiktok… Continue reading Romance Tropes pt. 2 | Book Recommendations

5 Fantasy Books With Strong Female Protagonists | Novelstorian Recommends

One more blog post to celebrate International Women's Month– a blog post that celebrates some of my favourite female characters in fantasy. According to some internet research, decades ago the meaning of "strong female characters" were an overused and abused trope among modern fantasy books. Female heroines were "riding to faraway lands on dangerous weather… Continue reading 5 Fantasy Books With Strong Female Protagonists | Novelstorian Recommends

5 Banned Books by Female Authors | Novelstorian Recommendations

It's still March, so it is still International Women's Month. This time, we'll be focusing on the books that have been taken off bookshelves in bookstores, and off of library shelves for multiple reasons. Books are challenged for any number of reasons, including content that is too violent or sexually explicit; language that is offensive;… Continue reading 5 Banned Books by Female Authors | Novelstorian Recommendations

Mother’s Day Gift Book List | Book Recommendations

Happy Thursday, friends! What better way to treat your mum on Mother's Day than with a wonderful book you have picked out specially for her. Mother's Day is on 19 March, so if your mum is a book lover why not give the gift of words to show her how much you think of her. Hopefully you… Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Book List | Book Recommendations

Your Next Read Is On This List: Thriller Edition | Book Recommendations

I was inspired by this Goodreads blog post titled 'Pick Your Poison with These Mystery Subgenre Suggestions'. Thrillers are one of my favourite genres of books and films. I can always count on a thriller novel to not only keep me invested in a book, but also thriller books have always been my go-to genre… Continue reading Your Next Read Is On This List: Thriller Edition | Book Recommendations

Books About Books | Book Recommendations

As a book lover, I love reading books (duh!) So imagine my delight when I discovered books about books. There is a whole section in Waterstones (my go-to bookstore) classed as non-fiction books that contain collections of book recommendations that cater to all types of categories. I assume these books are for readers who want… Continue reading Books About Books | Book Recommendations

5 Books To Keep Your TBR Blooming | Book Recommendations

It's officially the spring season-- perhaps my favourite season of them all. Bouquets of flowers, picnics at the park and floral dresses all day, everyday! Now what is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you think of spring? Flowers. Flowers. Flowers. That's why I thought it would be fun blog post… Continue reading 5 Books To Keep Your TBR Blooming | Book Recommendations