Day 1: December 2021 Book Releases | Most Anticipated

I cannot believe we are already in December. The final month of the year 2021. Crazy. This is a slightly shorter 'Most Anticipated' list than usual, but there are some pretty exciting book releases during the month of December that I've already added to my tbr. I've made sure to include a mix of different… Continue reading Day 1: December 2021 Book Releases | Most Anticipated

November 2021 Most Anticipated Book Releases

November-- my favourite month of the year. First of all, my birthday is in November and that means people are most likely going to gift me books or gift cards for books. Secondly, this month has some pretty exciting book releases that I have my eyes on. This is just a very short list of… Continue reading November 2021 Most Anticipated Book Releases

October 2021 Most Anticipated Book Releases

October is here and you know what that means— the month of spooky, gothic, thriller reads. To match the spooky season we have already started eyeing some Halloween decorations and costumes (if parties are allowed by then!). This month’s Most Anticipated List will probably be filled with Thrillers and Mystery books so I hope you… Continue reading October 2021 Most Anticipated Book Releases

August 2021 Most Anticipated Book Releases

Can you believe we are officially in the month of August a.k.a. halfway through 2021 already? It still freaks me out how quickly time flies without us realising it. However, a good thing about it being a new month is the release of new books and the hope for a better reading month (at least… Continue reading August 2021 Most Anticipated Book Releases

June 2021 Most Anticipated Book Releases

I cannot believe that it is June already. For some reason this year feels slower than last year-- which is quite strange considering the state of the world last year. Moving on, lucky for us there are so many exciting book releases making their way to the bookshelves this month and I cannot wait to… Continue reading June 2021 Most Anticipated Book Releases

April 2021 Most Anticipated Book Releases

This one is slightly late to the party- being that we are already in the middle of the month, but it's better late than never. Another month, more book releases! April is a pretty special month in our family as it is both of my parent’s birthdays (only 10 days apart from each other— "destiny."… Continue reading April 2021 Most Anticipated Book Releases