April 2023 TBR | Monthly TBR

Happy Thursday, friends! Apologies for not having a blog post up yesterday, I've been swamped with real life commitments. That being said, I plan to make it up to you by having one blog post up for the rest of this week– yes, even on Sunday– so please look forward to all the content I'll… Continue reading April 2023 TBR | Monthly TBR

September 2022 To-Be-Read | Monthly TBR

Happy Monday, friends! Still no Weekly Update Post because I have not been doing anything too interesting, nor have I been reading much the past week. That being said, I do have a pretty exciting blog post to substitute it with for this week. A Monthly TBR post! It's been quite a while since I… Continue reading September 2022 To-Be-Read | Monthly TBR

Books I Want To Read In April ’22 | Monthly TBR

I've got some pretty exciting books on my April 2022 TBR (To-Be-Read) list that I am so excited to share with all of you! Even though I hope to read all of the books on this list, I don't want to keep my hopes up as I've got deadlines and coursework due around the end… Continue reading Books I Want To Read In April ’22 | Monthly TBR

Books I Want to Read in February ’22 | Monthly TBR

My January TBR has practically been non-existent due to university taking up most of my time AND free time. However, I am slowly getting used to my new term timetable (4 modules-- send help!). I'd like to think that I am now able to workout a better schedule to balance my studies and time for… Continue reading Books I Want to Read in February ’22 | Monthly TBR

Day 2: December 2021 Books To-Be-Read | Monthly TBR

Are we really in December? Make sure to check out the other prompts from the previous days here: 12 Days of Christmas Book Tag I cannot believe we are in the final month of the year of 2021. We've had so many great book releases and reading selection during the last couple of months, so I… Continue reading Day 2: December 2021 Books To-Be-Read | Monthly TBR

October 2021 To-Be-Read | Monthly TBR

It’s hard to believe that we are officially in the “-ber” months of the year. October is the time for everything spooky— with Halloween just around the corner— and that includes books. This is the perfect time of the year to read horror, thrillers and mystery novels so make sure to check your own tbr… Continue reading October 2021 To-Be-Read | Monthly TBR