A Week of Ebooks | Weekly Reading Re-cap | (27/03/22-04/04/2022)

We are officially in the month of April! How exciting! It's so crazy how quickly the days have been moving lately. It could be because I've been busy these days and despite trying to keep up with so many things; 24 hours in one day does not seem to be enough. That being said, there… Continue reading A Week of Ebooks | Weekly Reading Re-cap | (27/03/22-04/04/2022)

Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers

Happy Friday! With the weekend just a couple of hours away, I thought now would be the best time to release a blog post like this. Since I started my blog, the majority of my blog posts have been book reviews and the occasional 'Most Anticipated Book Releases'. Those blog posts are fun to do… Continue reading Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers