July 2022 Book Releases | Most Anticipated

Hi everyone! If you are familiar with how my weekly schedule usually goes, I expect that you might be a little confused as to why this Monday's post is not a Weekly Reading Update one. That is because, unfortunately I am sick– slight fever and sore throat (like literally my voice is not my own… Continue reading July 2022 Book Releases | Most Anticipated

May 2022 Book Releases | Most Anticipated

It’s nearly May already? Where did the time go?  But a new month means new book releases!  I think this is the longest list of book releases that I have ever complied on this blog. I've got lots of new books to look forward to this month, so please bear with this long, long list.… Continue reading May 2022 Book Releases | Most Anticipated

Books I Bought In February & March 2022 | No Shelf Control

I don't think I have ever done a book haul on this blog, which is weird because I love book hauls. I'm a pretty nosy person (please tell me I'm not alone lol!), so I love seeing what new books other people have recently purchased. Book hauls are also a great way to discover new… Continue reading Books I Bought In February & March 2022 | No Shelf Control

February 2022 Most Anticipated Book Releases

Oops-- looks like we're skipping January and heading straight into February! I feel like January came and went slowly AND quickly at the same time. University has been taking up most of my time during the Christmas break and the first month of the new year, which left very little time to read. As a… Continue reading February 2022 Most Anticipated Book Releases

November 2021 Most Anticipated Book Releases

November-- my favourite month of the year. First of all, my birthday is in November and that means people are most likely going to gift me books or gift cards for books. Secondly, this month has some pretty exciting book releases that I have my eyes on. This is just a very short list of… Continue reading November 2021 Most Anticipated Book Releases