I Didn’t Read Much | Weekly Reading Recap (28/2/22-6/3/22)

(I swear I had this post scheduled to be posted last Monday, but for some reason it never followed through?) Unfortunately, I did not get much reading done this week. Literally read 2 or 3 chapters this entire week. University has been amping up our workload with longer seminar preparations and more content-heavy lectures. That… Continue reading I Didn’t Read Much | Weekly Reading Recap (28/2/22-6/3/22)

March 2022 Book Releases | Most Anticipated

It's March already? Where did the time go? But a new month means new book releases! There are a few March 2022 book releases that I am keeping my eye on, and have added to my tbr. If I have missed any March releases that you are looking forward to, let me know in the… Continue reading March 2022 Book Releases | Most Anticipated