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Happy Wednesday, friends!

I am here with a blog post, one that I have not done in a long time– a book tag!

I do remember them being really fun to do, so I was very excited when I was cruising through the internet, looking for book tags and found this Summer theme one. It has been really hot in London lately, and I’ve been spending the day in may lightest clothing– trying very hard not to sweat too much (lol). As per the title of this tag, I could not think of a book tag more fitting than this one.

The Summer Sweatalong Book Tag was created by Jo, the Bookworm Dreamer.

The Summer Sweatalong Book Tag which is all about finishing books fast! I hope you enjoy it, here are the rules:

  • link back to the original creator of the book tag (thebookwormdreamer)
  • start off with telling us your favourite season and why it is/isn’t summer!
  • tag five friends to take part (tag yourself if you would like to fo it too!)
  • enjoy!

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I also love seeing other people’s answers to the questions, so if you decide to any the Summer Sweatalong book tag, then please feel free to tag me or let me know in the comments below. I would love to read all of your answers!

So here we go…

The Summer Sweatalong Book Tag


One of the rules of the tag is to state what your favourite season is and why you like it. My favourite season has always been spring. I love that the season represents growth, and new beginnings. It’s a season I associate with blooming flower fields, billowy midi dresses, and afternoon picnics at the park.

It’s also the season where the weather is perfect for spending time outdoors– not too hot and not too cold. As a homebody, I find myself feeling more willing to go outside and enjoy the weather during this season.


One of my most recent reads. This was such a good police-procedural/FBI suspense mystery that I was completely captivated by. Love Me to Death is the first book in the Lucy Kincaid series From the very first chapter, we are introduced to Lucy Kincaid, a woman who was sexually assaulted and tortured a few years ago. These days, Lucy is busy waiting on the results of her FBI application and juggling her other jobs– volunteering at a victims rights organisation called Women and Children First (WCF); an organisation that seeks to capture paroled sex offenders and lure to recapture. Lucy has been living a relatively normal life, so it was a shock when the police question her about her kidnapper’s murder; immediately she is thrust into a homicide investigation trying to figure out what kind of monster would kill another one. 

Full Book Review: The One About A Badass Female: Love Me to Death (Lucy Kincaid #1) by Allison Brennan | Book Review


One of my favorite aspects of this book is the writing. Slatter does such a phenomenal job at maintaining this dark, and eerie atmosphere throughout the book from start to finish. It’s almost as if you anticipate something big to happen at every turn of the page. The story does start a little slow, but once Asher’s motives are revealed and more secrets are uncovered, it is a high-tension, page-turner. The way the author describe the scenes using imagery and long descriptions make the reading experience so immersive and atmosphere. It was very easy to get lost in the story as I was reading. There was always this lingering sense of suspense that follows, and I was constantly gasping as the web of secrets come to a dramatic climax.

Full Book Review: The One About A Dark, Gothic Tale of Revenge: The Path of Thorns by A.G Slatter | Book Review


Everything about this book was so charming– from the world-building, the Kingdoms, the political elements etc. It was like straight out of a fairytale but with badass women who don’t need saving. t’s one of those books that you can get lost in despite the fact that there is nothing too complicated or fancy about the setting. The main focus of the book is on the characters and the plot; hence, why there’s no need to stress about memorising intricate names or titles , which I greatly appreciate. The romance subplot was also really amazing (literally had me squealing like a weirdo at some parts) and well-written. It did not take away from the main plot, in fact, it actually enhanced it in my opinion.

Full Book Review: The One About Princesses’ Who Were Raised To Deceive: Castles in Their Bones by Laura Sebastian | Book Review


This book was an absolute rollercoaster from start to finish. Right off the bat we are given an intense, gruesome and action-packed opening scene that puts us right int he middle of the horror that is about to ensue. I stand firm in my belief that being in a life-threatening situation is scary anywhere, but imagine being in a life-threatening situation on a plane— one that is 30,000ft off the ground, an enclosed space where there isn’t too many places to run or hide. It’s terrifying. Now, what if I told you that all your unexpected fears about flying on a plane were put altogether and presented to you in the form of this book.

Full Book Review: The One That May Have Instigated A Fear Of Flights: Falling by T.J Newman | Book Review


I picked up the second book in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, Scarlett, because I had to see what happens next. Scarlett picks up right where the last book ends, and give us no time to even take a deep breathe after all the drama of the first book— which I love. However, the first few chapters do slip in some reminders of what had happened in the previous book, which is also very much appreciated. 

Full Book Review: The One About A Badass Female And Her Wolf: Scarlett by Marissa Meyer | Book Review


The plot is solid. It’s fast-paced and ensures that readers are glued to the storyline with it’s rapid switch in POVs and the focus on the main storyline without introducing any unnecessary minor subplots. That being said, there was another case revolving around newborn babies which was being investigated alongside the main plot, and then solved about halfway into the book– it was interesting regardless and gave the secondary characters some of the spotlight. I loved how the killer always seems like he is one step ahead of the police, and I was almost holding my breath every time the police unravel a clue or come close to catching him. I think the author’s writing style really compliments the genre of this book. In thrillers or crime novels, I prefer lots and lots details– the more, the merrier. I think in order to capture the crime and the suspense of a novel of this genre, it’s important to be as descriptive as possible– and Helen Field’s is great at it. She is so good at describing the crime scene, the killer’s sick acts of torture, and the little details throughout the book that might seem insignificant but add so much to the reading experience of a crime novel.

Full Book Review: The One About My New Favourite Crime Novel Series: Perfect Remains by Helen Sarah Fields | Book Review


The writing was pretty much flawless. It was immersive, imaginative, and it felt like I was right in the middle of it all watching the story unfold. There were a couple violent, and gruesome scenes but they weren’t too graphic. I thought the hierarchy of those in power was well established, and the way the Kingdom operates was clearly set up and not at all confusing. I was highlighting and taking note of my favourite scene and quotes as I was reading, and I ended up tabbing so much more than usual. 

This book had me gripped from the very first chapter, and I will now be recommending this book to everyone I come across. It was definitely worth the late night reading session.

Full Book Review: The One About Choosing Between Duty & Love: Defy The Night by Brigid Kemmerer | Book Review

What are some books, that you have read, that fit any of the prompts above? 

Let me know in the comments below!

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