FairyLoot June 2022 YA Box Unboxing | Bookish Review

Hey, friends. It’s that time of the month again. Another month, another Fairyloot box review. 

FairyLoot’s theme for June 2022 is CHOSEN ONES!!

Here’s what they say about what this month’s box features:

The weight of the world is heavy, but some are chosen to carry this burden to protect others. This box is dedicated to the characters that are chosen to defy the odds and rise up against them!

You can expect items inspired by The Young Elites, The Poppy War, The Atlas Six and The Lord of the Rings. We are thrilled to reveal that this box will have a PAPERBACK BOOK, which comes with an exclusive redesigned cover, DIGITALLY sprayed edges and a digital signature. The story is an addictive high-stakes rom-com about twin princesses separated at birth!

Our featured book of the month is a swoon-worthy romantic comedy set in an Italian inspired fantasy world where a young girl’s gift can either save… or kill. This FairyLoot exclusive edition will have an EXCLUSIVE COVER, STENCIL SPRAYED EDGES, FOIL ON THE HARDCOVER by @ gabrielleragusi, ARTWORK ON THE ENDPAPERS by @gabrielleragusi and is SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR! It will also come with a letter from the author.

Gorgeous theme art by official FairyLoot artist @taratjah and text by official FairyLoot designer @blanca.design

Collectable Trinket Dish

First of all, the design is gorgeous and fits beautifully with the previous ones in the collection. However, I am getting a bit tired of trinket dishes, and don’t really have much use for a third one. I think I might end up putting this one up for sale or giving it away.

This month’s tray features ‘Rin’, a character from The Poppy War by R. F Kuanag. Design by @ ARZ28

Book Sleeve

I appreciate a book sleeve– it not only keeps the book safe, but it also features a really cool design inspired by one of my favourite dark academia books. I also really like how the book sleeve looks to fit most books edition sizes– from paperbacks, hardbacks and even a kindle.

The book-sleeve features artwork inspired by The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake. Design by @ CHATTYNORA

Art Print

Art Prints used to be something I discarded whenever I received them in any of my subscription boxes. However, since I bought my Illumicrate (another book subscription box company) Art Print album from Depop I have been quite excited to receive Art Prints simply because I can fill up my album. Plus. it means that I have a pretty place to keep them, instead of shoving them in a drawer where they are never to be seen again.
The Art Print features Adelina from The Young Elites by Marie Lu.

Design by @ Damian.In.The.Den

Dagger Paper Tabs:

These are the coolest looking paper tabs I have ever seen. I am never going to say “no” to more paper tabs for my books.

These book paper tags are inspired by the Sting Daggers from the Lord of The Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Design by @ JEZHAWK450Twin Crowns FairyLoot Edition

We get a paperback book included in this month’s box, which is always a treat. Twin Crowns is actually a book that I already have on my TBR, so you can imagine just how excited I was when this book was teased in their early spoiler post. Hence, why I have restricted myself from buying an early copy.

Also, can we talk about just how stunning the exclusive FairyLoot edition is? This is a FairyLoot exclusive edition with an exclusive cover, sprayed edges and includes a digital signature by the author.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Wren Greenrock has always known that one day she would steal her sister’s place in the palace. Trained from birth to return to the place of her parents’ murder and usurp the only survivor, she will do anything to rise to power and protect the community of witches she loves. Or she would, if only a certain palace guard wasn’t quite so distractingly attractive, and if her reckless magic didn’t have a habit of causing trouble…

Princess Rose Valhart knows that with power comes responsibility. Marriage into a brutal kingdom awaits, and she will not let a small matter like waking up in the middle of the desert in the company of an extremely impertinent (and handsome) kidnapper get in the way of her royal duty. But life outside the palace walls is wilder and more beautiful than she ever imagined, and the witches she has long feared might turn out to be the family she never knew she was missing.

Two sisters separated at birth and raised into entirely different worlds are about to get to know each other’s lives a whole lot better. But as coronation day looms closer and they each strive to claim their birthright, the sinister Kingsbreath, Willem Rathborne, becomes increasingly determined that neither will succeed. Who will ultimately rise to power and wear the crown?

Tarot cards of the Month: Poppy, Hawke and Kieran from From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The Book of the Month:

This Vicious Grace by Emily Thiede

This stunning FairyLoot exclusive edition features an exclusive cover, two-toned sprayed edges, Artwork on the reverse cover sleeve by @lgions, art wrapped around the hardcover, and custom endpapers. This book also came signed by the author, and included a letter from the writer as well. I really love this edition, I love how vibrant and detailed the front cover is.

Final thoughts on this month’s box: 

  • This was an alright box. A mix of items I would actually use, as well as items I probably won’t use (*ehem* the 3rd trinket dish *ehem*)
  • I’m kind of getting tired of the collective trinket dishes. I don’t need more than 2…
  • Bonus points for the exclusive FairyLoot bonus book that I already have on TBR!
  • Favourite item: The bonus book– for reasons stated above.

FairyLoot February Box: 8/10

What are you favourite things to receive in book boxes

Let me know in the comments below!

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    1. Thank you–– someone who understands me! I’m not even someone who likes to display things on my shelves, so there’s no option of that. But the bonus book does make up for it lol!


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