A Bare Reading Week | Weekly Reading Update (13/6/22-20/6/22)

Happy Monday, friends!

My week was pretty much spent doing everything BUT reading. I did not finish any book this week, so this reading update will be pretty much bare for the most part. However, I did start one book as I am writing this blog post, and have yet to finish it.

Instead, I have been trying to keep up with writing some blog posts in advanced.

Hopefully, next week will be much better and I’ll actually come to you with a reading update.

Things That Happened This Week

  •  My Sister’s Been Revising For Her Exams

My sister has her Year 12 exams this Monday, so she’s been cooped up in the study room for the most part of the day. Everyone wish her luck, please!

  • I Did Some Online Shopping…Including A Book Or Two

Unfortunately for my wallet, I’ve been browsing online (lot’s of sales going on these days!) and may have bought a few new clothes for the summer, a book and pre-ordered a 2023 book release (book haul soon!) and some supplies for my new hobby– gardening!

  • A Green Thumb?

I watched one(1) gardening video on Youtube and all of a sudden, it’s all that is on my recommendation page. As a result, my brain gave me the brilliant idea of perhaps trying my hand at the whole gardening thing. I ordered some supplies and essentials online, and have already sowed my first seeds– tomatoes and peppers! Let’s hope they grow.

Blog Posts That Were Posted This Week

June 13 2022: A Distracted Reading Week | Weekly Reading Update (6/6/22-13/6/22)

June 14: The One About My New Favourite Crime Novel Series: Perfect Remains by Helen Sarah Fields | Book Review

June 15th: June 15th: Heart-Racing Reads | Top 5 Wednesday 

June 16: The One About A Magical, Mysterious, And Enticing Game: Caraval by Stephanie Garber | Book Review

Books I Finished/Started This Week

Currently Reading

What I Want To Read Next

Blogging Plans For Next Week

  • Top 5 Wednesday Post  
  • Weekly Reading Update Post 
  • FairyLoot May Box Unboxing/Review (transferred from last week..again!) 

How was your week? Did you get any reading done? 

Let me know in the comments below!

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