I Read Some Books | Weekly Reading Recap (7/3/22-13/3/22)

I am proud to say that I did manage to get some reading done this week, coupled with quite a few blog posts so those in itself deserves a pat on the back!

Let’s hope this continues to the next week…

Things That Happened This Week 

  • Finished 3 books this week (!!!!)
  • Received my Summer exam schedule (send help!)
  • Participated in the Ultimate Popsugar Reading Challenge

Blog Posts That Were Posted This Week

March 7 2022: The One About Monsters and Monster Slayers: Only A Monster by Vanessa Len | Book Review

March 9 2022: Three-Word Titles | Top 5 Wednesday (March 9th 2022) 

March 10 2022: I Didn’t Read Much | Weekly Reading Recap (28/2/22-6/3/22)

March 11 2022: FairyLoot February 2022 Unboxing | Bookish Review

March 12 2022: My Childhood in Books | Bookish Blog

Book That Were Started/Finished This Week


Blogging Plans For Next Week

  • Draft (maybe even finish!) book reviews for the previous reads
  • Post 3 blog posts next week (1 Book Review, March TBR, Book Haul) 
  • Post at least 2 Instagram Pictures 

What I Want to Read Next

Death on the Nile

by Agatha Christie


by T.J. Newman 

How was your week? Did you get any reading done? 

Let me know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “I Read Some Books | Weekly Reading Recap (7/3/22-13/3/22)”

    1. Thank you. It’s only my second Agatha Christie book so I hope I really love it! I’m glad you’re enjoying your current read– would love to know your thoughts at the end!


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