FairyLoot February 2022 Unboxing | Bookish Review

Technically we get two (2!!) FairyLoot boxes in the month of February because of the slight shipping delay of last month’s box

but who is complaining? Not me!

The more bookish boxes to unbox, the merrier!

FairyLoot’s theme for February 2022 is TO THE MOON AND BACK!

“The moon shadows all but the brightest stars, and we all know of characters who will light the darkness for the ones they love. This box is dedicated to enchanting celestial worlds and our favourite lush romances.

 You can expect items inspired by Crescent City, The Starless Sea, Wicked Fox, our featured book of the month and there will also be a fandom neutral item! We are thrilled to reveal that this box will have a stunning set of metal bookends and that one of the artists that we have collaborated with is @rosiethorns88.

 Our featured book of the month is a romantic and sweeping epic fantasy inspired by the legend of Chang’e from Chinese mythology!”

 Theme art by FairyLoot artist @taratjah and text by @blanca.design

Onto the unboxing!

Starless Sea Socks

I love socks, and I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many socks in your life. I also love how colourful these socks are. These socks are inspired by “The Starless Sea” by Erin Morgenstern.

Designed by: @Jezhawk

Crescent City Necklace

This month’s box gifts us with this lovely gold crescent moon necklace. I think this necklace would look so cute layered with daintier pieces. Despite this necklace being inspired by the “Crescent City” series by Sarah J. Maas, it’s not screaming “book inspired” and can be worn daily.

Designed by: Team FairyLoot

Wicked Fox Art Print

I’ve been thinking of framing all of my art prints in one big frame, so this one will definitely be included. This beautiful art print is inspired by “Wicked Fox” by Kat Cho.

Designed by: @cyt_draws

Tarot Cards

This month’s tarot cards feature the Queen and King of Pentacles. These tarot cards feature Mustang and Darrow from the “Red Rising” series by Pierce Brown.

Celestial Bookends

Ever since FairyLoot posted had teased that this box will include bookends, my excitement has been through the roof. I was so excited to see what these would look like, and I am glad to know that FairyLoot did not disappoint. I actually need bookends because my uni accommodation doesn’t have a bookshelf so all my books are just messily stacked all over the place.

Designed by: @lizzart_zardonicz

Moon Goddess Tote Bag

Tote Bags. These were my go-to bags during the past year, and I’ve grown quite a collection since then. Now imagine my delight when I pull this absolutely beautiful tote bag from this box– I was so excited I immediately went to see if my laptop fits (It does!). This tote bag is inspired by the book of the month!

Designed by: @rosiethorns88

Book of The Month:

Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan

This is probably one of the prettiest books I now own. This FairyLoot exclusive edition has an exclusive cover, digitally sprayed edges, artwork on the endpapers, foil embossing on the hardcover, and is signed by the author. As usual, we get a lovely letter from the author.

Foil Embossing and Artwork on Endpapers by: Grace Zhu

Final thoughts on this month’s box:

  • This is probably my favourite box to ever receive from FairyLoot. The items + the book are exceptional
  • I love how functional and good quality all the items in this box are. Looks like my junk drawer won’t be having any new additions
  • Favourite item: The bookends! Such a cool item to add to a bookish subscription box
  • The exclusive edition of the book of the month is absolutely stunning! The foiling, the artwork on the endpapers, the sprayed edges (!!!). This is probably the prettiest book I now own.

FairyLoot February Box: 10/10

What are you favourite things to receive in book boxes

Let me know in the comments below!

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