Oh My Gods! by Stephanie Cooke (Author), Insha Fitzpatrick, Juliana Moon (Artist) | Graphic Novel Review

I’ve been really interested in greek mythology lately, bought a non-fiction history book, watched a couple movies and documentaries about Greek Gods, and even considered naming my dog Apollo (seriously.) When I saw this Greek Gods inspired graphic novel at Forbidden Planet, it was an instant buy.

Oh My Gods! (OMGs #1)

Edition: Paperback, 208 pages

Publication Date: January 5th 2021 by Etch/HMH Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 0358299519 (ISBN13: 9780358299516)

Series: OMGs #1

Goodreads Link: Oh My Gods! By Stephanie Cooke

Goodreads blurb:

Karen is just an average thirteen-year-old from New Jersey who loves to play video games with her friends and watch movies with her mom. But when she moves to Greece to live with her eccentric, mysterious father, Zed, suddenly everything she thought about herself—about life—is up in the air.

Starting a new school can be difficult, but starting school at Mt. Olympus Junior High, where students are gods and goddesses, just might take the cake. Especially when fellow classmates start getting turned to stone. Greek mythology . . . a little less myth, a little more eek! And if Karen’s classmates are immortal beings, who does that make her? 

This was a fun read. It wasn’t anything special or unique but it was worth finishing. As expected, the Greek Mythology theme is what appealed to me, and I did enjoy the references made to the Greek God’s personalities and characteristics. There was Artemis and her bow, Aphrodite and her beauty etc. However; aside from that Greek God element, the plot of this book wasn’t enjoy for me to throughly enjoy the story to the point where I would not have picked up this graphic novel if it wasn’t for the Greek Mythology element. I think the fact that this book’s target audience is for a much younger age range means I should’ve lowered my expectations a bit. That being said I do think this graphic novel would appeal largely to a young demographic that has an interest in Greek Gods and Mythology, and reading graphic novels.

This novel is part of a series, so there will be upcoming books to look out for, which is nice. What I did really enjoy was the art work. The artwork done by Insha Fitzpatrick and Juliana Moon is absolute stunning. The colours, the panels, everything looked so nice and pretty on the pages. I would always stand by my words that the artwork plays a big part of the reading experience when reading graphic novels, and I am pleased to say that the artwork in this book really carried it through.

3 stars.

Have you read ‘Oh My Gods!’ by Stephanie Cooke? Have you read any Greek Mythology books you would like to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

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